Letters to the Editor

Putting the U.S. debt in perspective

U.S. debt as of Dec. 6 was $16.35 trillion (that’s $16,350,000,000,000).

A single dollar bill is .005 inches thick and the distance to the moon from Earth is 225,662 miles.

If our debt was stacked in dollar bills how far would it reach?

You could make five stacks of dollar bills going from Earth all the way to the moon and have a sixth stack 70 percent of the way to the moon. It would be farther if the bills had any wrinkles. Do you think our government has a spending problem?

Most of the news media covers this serious problem up. Hopefully the approaching debt ceiling will force the liberal media to discuss it but they will probably say we can’t cut spending, we just need more revenue.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.