Letters to the Editor

It really was Bush’s fault

The Readers’ Page on Dec. 3 had three mostly full page ads written by Mr. John A. Donnelly, Mr. David Barsalou, and Mr. Hal Schweder.

Get over it, boys. You really lost the election! But, I have to give credit to Mr. Schweder in his last comment as follows, “Please disregard all of the above. It has just dawned on me that it is all Bush’s fault.”

It has finally dawned on you that the USA was just doing fine before Mr. Bush’s presidency. From reading the letters, it seems your other Republican friends have no memory of that. I did quote you right, didn’t I? I know everyone, myself included, was doing just great. Bet you guys were also. The world opinion of us under Bill Clinton’s presidency was a lot better than it is today, and also our debt.

Since you guys are able to tell the future about how bad it will be under the Obama presidency I sure wish you would have used your talents to help Bush and maybe we would not be in this state of affairs.

Let’s show more respect for our president.

The writer lives in Calabash, N.C.