Letters to the Editor

Age of Obama will reveal the genius of the couch potato

The age of Obama will induce a new dimension of human behavior. Consider that every individual has a genius of some sort, most of which is hidden until the right time arrives. Where was the singer before music? Where was the radio talk-show host before the microphone? Who could calculate the movement of the stars before Newton? The answer is there were many in prehistory who possessed these talents but there were no tools to develop these individual geniuses until the right time arrived. The couch potato is one genius whose time has arrived.

A society that reveres victimhood, demonizes individual achievement, and demagogues the individual right to pursue one's own genius encourages lazy and ignorant behavior. The couch potato is a fat slob who lets everyone else do the work, takes credit for other's achievements, and collects government benefits with a wink and a nod as if he outsmarted the world. President Obama's policies will induce the type of behavior that will glorify mediocrity, and will revere gaming a system of unnecessary benefits to the otherwise apt and able. The genus of the couch potato has arrived.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.