Letters to the Editor

Democratic governance leads to failure

Re Nov. 28 column by Issac Bailey, “Government we want, government we deserve”

Issac Bailey disparages South Carolina’s schools, roads and health care. Delighting in Medicaid expansion and touting Obamacare, Bailey ignores that Medicaid robs Medicare, that these programs approach insolvency and that treating new insurees requires more doctors, who are nonexistent.

Bailey concludes, “They [the GOP in Columbia] are doing … what we sent them there to do.” Better he say, “They [Obama and Democrats] are doing what we sent them to do”: borrow, spend, tax, lie and deliver more bailouts, stimulus plans, and handouts to crooked cronies and willing freeloaders.

Issac presumably recommends Democratic ideology: no budget, divisiveness and discord, $16 trillion indebtedness and climbing. New Jersey, with good schools, currently ranks No. 46 among “worst” governed states, according to financial news organization 24/7 Wall St. California is No. 50, Rhode Island, No. 49, and Illinois (big surprise!), No. 48 (all run by Democrats).

So, Issac, why not swap South Carolina for California, where your left-wing ideology will be appreciated.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.