Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach ideal for college football bowl game

Bowl Games, aren’t they great events?

Why couldn’t we have a bowl game in Myrtle Beach? Why not the Myrtle Beach Holiday Bowl, Jan. 1, 2015?

We have more hotels, condos, golf courses, restaurants and nightclubs than most of the cities hosting bowls.

Just think, this time of year all our facilities are empty or shut down. Usually when you go to a bowl game you stay the whole week.

Look at the cities that have bowl games; most of them don’t compare to Myrtle Beach and don’t have the facilities that we do, including that little ocean out there.

The first item that we need is a stadium to hold about 50,000 people with plans later to increase the size to 60,000.

We would have to get the money from the City of Myrtle Beach, the county or state. Or it could be funded from wealthy donors or companies. And because the interest rates are the lowest in history, we could sell 10 to 20 year bonds for 2% interest like Atlantic City is doing now.

Switching subjects, I’d like to congratulate the Coastal Carolina University football team and head coach Joe Moglia on an excellent season.

I feel Coastal will go a long way with Coach Moglia at the helm. This will include playing bigger schools and moving to a bigger conference.

I wrote an editorial a few months ago about Coach Moglia and I said with his background he could draw top recruits around the country.

When I played at Clemson University, I was the chief football player-recruiter. The top recruits around the country would come to Clemson for weekend visits. After the coaches were finished trying to get the recruits to come to Clemson, they would give the recruits to me for a night on the town.

In those days, Clemson had exactly nothing to do unless you wanted to ride around and count street signs. The coaches would give me cars and I would take the recruits to Greenville, about 30 miles away.

These recruits were very smart and they noticed everything. They visited some of the biggest schools in the country, such as Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan and Penn State.

Most of those recruits came from Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Many of those boys, myself included, had never seen the ocean. I was supposed to help convince them to attend Clemson.

I only wish the recruits were turned over to me in a town like Myrtle Beach.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.