Letters to the Editor

Romney faced hurdles within own party

Now that the election is over and while the Republican Party continues looking for scapegoats to place the blame for their resounding defeat, let me offer an unsolicited opinion.

In all fairness to Mitt Romney let me suggest that none of the other primary election candidates could have been elected. They had so defined and trashed one another to the point that they were all damaged material.

Then there were those happenings that were beyond Romney’s control, and his failure to address them.

First there was the racism issue. More than 20 Republican governors and Republican legislatures have passed legislation that was perceived as an attempt to suppress the African-American vote.

The Republican Party failed to realize that the minority voting block was made up of not just African-Americans. Their action so incensed other minority groups that they turned out en masse to protect their constitutional right to vote.

Then there was the hypocrisy factor on part of some the right wing clergy. During the primary election they were implying that Mormons were members of a cult, to suggest that disqualified Romney. Even the much respected Billy Graham and his son Franklin removed the cult claim from their Website.

Mike Huckabee claimed that those who voted for Obama were going to Hell. I would guess that there are a number of vacancy signs there today.

Last but not least was the group of crazies that Romney had to contend with.

Leading this group was Donald Trump, who continues to question Obama’s place of birth. Trump continues to call on Obama to publish his college grades and transcripts.

I suggest Trump contact Gov. Haley, who has become an expert regarding “hackers” ability to obtain individuals personal records.

Then there is the Republican governor and Republican legislature of Virginia, which proposed legislation that would violate a woman’s body by requiring a procedure that involved inserting a probe prior to undergoing an abortion.

Let us not forget Todd Akin, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri. Akin gave new meaning to the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape, stating that a woman’s body was so designed as to prevent pregnancy during a rape.

Then there was Richard Mourdoch, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Indiana. Mourdoch maintained that pregnancy resulting from rape was an act of God.

I will have to leave this list incomplete since there is not room to list them all.

I can only imagine that as the list of obstacles continued to face the Romney campaign that he was asking himself, where did the Republican Party find these crack pots?

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.