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Kudos for Myrtle Beach-area health care, retail clerks and entertainers

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The glorious past re-envisioned

This is a refreshing upbeat letter, not the usual ranting and ravings about the dysfunctional elected state or federal governments.

It is about a wonderful nostalgic meandering through the mid 1950's as presented by four lovely young ladies, The Marvelous Wonderettes at the Grand Theatre.

These professional amateurs performed for two hours with a large variety of 1950's Rock & Roll songs and skits reminding us of the era that was our good old days of love, life and laughter through music and song.

The ladies belted out music and lyrics that could be understood, music and lyrics that took the audience back to my time as a teen when our highs were drug free.

The ladies sang their hearts out and brought our hearts out again as we reminisced over the past we enjoyed, lost and which we cannot ever get back.

The only way we get it back is through such wonderful shows that let us know there was a time, a wonderful period, for teens in this country who enjoyed life.

Arthur W. Askew

Myrtle Beach


Excellence in our backyard

Recently I was reviewing “Health Grades” and came upon some startling information that should draw the attention of anybody interested in health.

Grand Strand Regional Medical Center has such a high-ranking in South Carolina that it’s something people of this area need to take notice.

Of the 56 hospitals rated in South Carolina in 10 categories, we the people of the greater Myrtle Beach are most fortunate to have an ultra care center. Grand Strand ranks No. 2 overall and in cardiac care ranks No. 1 in the entire state of South Carolina.

We all know that heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the universe.

I would like it known that the above information was obtained from a most trusted, unbiased publication of the highest repute. Also this letter was unsolicited by Grand Strand.

I offer this information in the interest of better health for the fine people of the area.

Read this book - “Health Grades,” available at Socastee Library and Chapin Library - and do your homework.

Fred Portway

Myrtle Beach


Time to move forward, together

To my friends and fellow Americans:

Now that the election is over, let us reach out to each other and to our president.

Let us put aside the bad thoughts and be what the good Lord intended us to be, angels of light.

Together we must carry the torch of light that gives us direction, conviction, principle and hope.

Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is more powerful as hope.

With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream; if you have hope, you have everything.

We must prove to the world that we are truly one nation under God and that we are willing to accept what was to be.

Let us pray for each other to have the strength to do the right thing. May the Lord guide you.

Carl S. Franklin



Respect is two-way street

Re Nov. 30 “Good customer service essential” letter

As a 25-year-veteran of the retail industry, I can understand why people may feel that customer service has gone downhill.

I am also a shopper and I see the same behaviors described in the recent letter and editorial.

However, each transaction is two-sided, and the customer shares an obligation for some degree of civility and politeness.

Even the best associate begins to lose the smile and eagerness to go the extra mile for the customer who is too busy talking on his or her cell phone to reply to the associate's offer for help.

Even the kindest salesperson may feel put-upon by the customer who abruptly shoves a receipt in his or her face with no greeting or explanation.

Even the most patient employee may feel a sense of frustration with the customer who ignores attempts at conversation or assistance until another customer has the associate's attention.

Please understand that for most of us, retail sales is a career we have chosen and are passionate about. We want to help you. Our livelihoods depend on our sales.

Good customer service is about being polite and grateful for the chance to earn the person's business and making someone's day a little better.

That goes both ways.

Lisette Pringle

Little River


Stellar customer service on display

I just got through reading Nancy Collins’s letter and I feel a need to respond to it.

A friend and I went shopping at Coastal Grand malll, and when we were on the way home I commented to her that each employee who either rang up my purchases or answered my questions was unfailingly polite, helpful and friendly.

I bought things at Dillard's, Belk and Sears, but I was also in other stores looking for a Notre Dame zip-up sweatshirt-jacket.

I hope that people remember to be kind to salespeople and each other when Christmas shopping becomes more frenzied.

Emily Aspel