Letters to the Editor

Swim before regatta uncouth

To the person that felt it necessary to go swimming while waiting on the Christmas Regatta boat parade to approach the Little River Swing Bridge:

My name is Susie Watson and I am the founder of the parade. Twenty-eight years ago we felt that our waterfront community needed a unique setting for the holidays, so the boat parade was born.

Eight years ago I had a granddaughter born on the night of the boat parade so now we have a boat parade and birthday party.

The night of the parade, everyone was enjoying the birthday party and awaiting the boat parade when we heard the sirens. As I watched the ambulance pull up to the bridge I called to verify what had happened. I was told “body in water.” I radioed the lead boat captain to hold the parade and be ready to cancel.

The families along the waterway look forward to our boat parade each year. It’s sad that one person acting on an impulse could threaten this wonderful festival on the water that brings so much happiness to so many.

Yachts For Tots receives toys donated during the parade from the boaters, families and friends whom have gather to watch the parade from the banks of the waterway.

The toys are then distributed throughout our local area for the less fortunate children. Every child gets to have Christmas and believe in Santa because someone cares enough to participate in the parade by giving to the Yachts For Tots.

I would like to ask that you donate your time to the Yachts For Tots and help us collect, sort and distribute these toys for your actions. Please contact us through our website, www.christmasregatta.com.

Merry Christmas.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.