Letters to the Editor

Time to lead, Mr. President

Hello, calling the White House, not sure if you heard but the election is over and you won. Yes, sadly you are in charge again, or should I say, you’re there like an ingenue waiting for Congress to acquiesce to your wishes.

Not sure if you noticed sir, but that little deal you struck two years ago, known at the time as the sequester, has now morphed into the fiscal cliff. How ominous sounding it is, but sir, is this not the deal you signed because Democrats and Republicans could not agree on dealing with our national debt and your incessant desire to raise taxes?

Well, the chance for you to lead is now, not from behind like you did in your first term, but from the front, like real leaders do. Surely, you, the smartest guy in the room, know that we spend way too much and that raising taxes on the rich will come nowhere near solving our fiscal problems. So here is my suggestion to you, Mr. President, hold your nose and take the dive, jump off the cliff. Think about it, you get tax rate hikes on everyone, fine with me as I am getting a little tired of paying more than my fair share. You get a huge cut in defense spending, which will work well with your Democratic friends. The only negative is discretionary spending, which will force you and your party to restrain your spending habits.

Take the jump, live with consequences. The way I see it is that whatever deal is struck will be another of “kicking the can down the road,” so why not have the can crushed and then maybe we can have some sanity in Washington. Maybe you can evolve into a president who actually wants to lead and maybe, just maybe, we can have a Congress that can work with a real leader. Am I in Oz yet?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.