Letters to the Editor

Election signals profound shift; but don’t give in

It can be stated simply now, with certitude and finality: A small majority of the American people has chosen to accept socialism and its consequences, a clear prelude to a European style debacle. To put it another way, the presidential election result now has confirmed that this nation has passed from moral, social and political adulthood into an adolescent world of self-gratification and complacence, a cultural shift of unimaginable proportions.

The Democrats have championed and many voters now have accepted, as status quo, a new normalcy of bankrupt entitlements, fiscal and financial irresponsibility, a Robin Hood economy of confiscatory property redistribution, free abortions, contraceptives, sterilizations, open border immigration policy, mortgage forgiveness, and a sustained assault upon traditional educational standards and deeply held religious beliefs, as well as condoning repulsive verbal and physical expressions that emanate throughout the mainstream media and entertainment worlds. And, as many frustrated parents have experienced, adolescence demands these concessions and benefits as a matter of right, devoid of all personal responsibility.

If we, who opposed this choice and the consequences of our national decline, were to forsake our principles and convictions in the face of this defeat, there can be no hope for our nation’s recovery. If, however, we stand firm in our belief in the values of our nation’s founding, and never abandon them for the convenience of faux peaceful coexistence, there will be hope for reversing the inevitable collapse of the socialist agenda. One astutely perceptive observer stated: “It takes a certain kind of people, living certain indispensable virtues, to make the market and democracy work so that justice, prosperity and human flourishing are the net result of freedom.”

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.