Letters to the Editor

Issac Bailey doing great job

When we first moved here from West Virginia, reading Issac Bailey’s column, I thought Issac was a little radical, maybe even a little prejudiced. Maybe it’s because over the last six years Issac and I have both mellowed a little bit, but boy have I changed my opinion about him.

I’m sure that once in a while you might disagree with his column, but chances are the next one he writes will make you think, cry or just say “wow.” Over the years he has allowed us into his life. You have not been a faithful reader if you haven’t discovered what a wonderful son, husband, father and fellow human being he is.

The odds of his becoming the special man he is today were not in his favor growing up. As he has told us, he never really had a father figure, his older siblings really didn’t show him the right path and I’m sure his mother did the best she could being a single mom. But how often do we hear all of those reasons as excuses for young men to go astray.

Issac, I believe you should be very proud of yourself and you are not an ordinary man, but an extraordinary man! God bless and keep up the wonderful word that you spread!

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.