Letters to the Editor

Watch out for liberal takeover in 2014 election

In 2014 we will have an election which could give the liberals control of the House and Senate. I fear the worst if this come true. I predict the Second Amendment and the 22nd Amendment will be repealed. This will take all firearms out of the honest, hard-working citizens’ homes and will allow the current administration to stay in the White House for as long as the people who think they deserve what they did not work for vote for Obama.

The right wants entitlement reform, the left only talks about Social Security and how it will be harmed. Social Security is funded by a separate account and will not be affected. However most of the voters are uneducated and can be swayed by fear. Fifty percent of Americans do not pay taxes yet have the most say in what happens to the money of those who do pay taxes. Does this sound like it needs to change? Just food for thought.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.