Letters to the Editor

Good customer service essential

Retailers, pay attention to the people that work for you.

I have finally arrived at the point where I have to speak up about the disrespect customers are shown in today’s retail market. As a shopper and a former employee of several retail establishments, I am shocked at the way employers allow their employees to behave when standing behind the counters, registers or on the floor during work hours.

More often than not, employees are holding conversations with other employees, using their cell phones, and eating and drinking while they are waiting on me and others. Many times I will hear “he said/she said” conversations, wait while they take a drink, get another bite of a snack or even more disturbing; listen to discussions about how awful it is to work there. Not only does this make me think twice about shopping there, but because the employee is not paying attention to their work, I am missing items or they are so poorly packaged that bread, chips or eggs will be crushed.

We have all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” Even though your employees may be paid minimum wage, they are still being paid to do a job they were hired to do for a wage they agreed to. I am sure in today’s economy there are others who would be happy to do the work for the pay.

Employers, remember, first impressions last the longest. Monitor your employees: reward and reprimand where needed. This should apply to any organization that has direct customer interaction.

Your customers are watching.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.