Letters to the Editor

Obama won because of takers

Re Nov. 21 letter by Claire Caffrey, “Support for Obama misguided.”

Mrs. Caffrey, your answer to James Dunn was spot on. The only difference I have with you is that you said that Mr. Dunn’s letter reflected a “victim mentality.” I personally think that it reflects “entitlement mentality.” The only reason Obama defeated Romney is there are more takers then makers. The Democratic Party is now made up mostly of people who feel they are entitled to everything they can get out of the federal government from free Obamacare to any other entitlement.

Many people have lost their lives, health and family to serving their beloved nation in the military. Now we have a majority of citizen (and non-citizens) who are afraid that they will lose their unearned entitlement.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.