Letters to the Editor

Don’t like amateur golfers? Play elsewhere

Re Nov. 17 letter by Thomas Brennan, “Don’t have inherent talent for golf? Quit”

Just about every Monday, our golf group heads out to one of the beautiful courses here in the Grand Strand. While none of us will ever play professionally, we have respect for the course and the game. We have a good time and support each other. Some days are good and some not so good scorewise, but what is good that we get out and enjoy ourselves.

Amazingly, the 50 or so courses I have played since moving here have never asked my handicap and are always happy to take my payment. They seem to appreciate us being there. My best advice to the writer concerning us “motor control challenged golfers” is to find a high end private course that caters to those with low handicaps and big wallets. Frankly, we will not miss you while we play the other great courses in this area.

The writer lives in Calabash, N.C.