Letters to the Editor

Honor entrepreneur, not the result

Sunday’s article by David Wren (“Would-be North Myrtle Beach developers forced into bankruptcy, accused of fraud”) sums up the second-guessing that occurs when an entrepreneur’s project goes sour. Ronald LeGrand personifies the type of job creator who thrives in an unregulated business-friendly environment.

Think of all the carpenters, electricians, bankers and attorneys who have earned good livings because of Mr. LeGrand’s so called fraud.

We don’t honor private enterprise and big thinkers in this country. We only honor success. We say that we want risk takers to build our economy – but look what happens when the risks don’t result in success. We call it fraud. Mr. LeGrand’s vision for the Grand Strand was shared by many others. Others operated the same way LeGrand did before the bubble busted in 2008.

I have a proposal to send a message to the entrepreneurial job creators of the world that their efforts are appreciated. I suggest that we rename the prosaic Highway 17 Business to “LeGrand Strand” in honor of those visionary businessmen who were not fortunate enough to escape prison.

Remember that the Donner Party had a vision of a new and better path to the west. All we tend to think about is the people that they ate.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.