Letters to the Editor

Remember what you’re celebrating this holiday season

As another Thanksgiving Day fades into memory, let me ask, did you give thanks for all your blessings, or spend the day feasting, watching football or a movie and going shopping? Now the Christmas season is upon us, and we do get one thing right; it is a happy time of giving and fellowship.

Despite some hypocrisy (after all, Jesus was born in the spring when the shepherds were in the fields with the newborn lambs, and we celebrate Christmas on the date of the Roman Saturnalia), the main point is not so much that God sent his messenger son Jesus as a human baby, but that he cared enough about us to come at all. The fact that God would come to earth as a humble baby rather than as a king in a golden chariot with legions of angels is something to think about.

What was God trying to tell the world? Well, you can read it in the New Testament, something about loving or at least respecting and caring for your fellow man. And as an exclamation point, after allowing Jesus to be killed, he brought him back to life, where he spent another 40 days on earth before going back to heaven.

So, my fellow readers, as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus, let’s remember what we are celebrating.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.