Letters to the Editor

We need federal voting standards

The election was over at 11:15 on Nov. 6. Can anyone explain why we had to wait two weeks to learn that it was an electoral landslide (more than half again as many votes as his opponent) our president won, not just a victory? The antics in Florida, shortening early voting, stuffing the ballot with lengthy legislative initiatives, closing voting places in voter’s faces, undersupplying machines and poll workers in Democratic areas, etc., have highlighted easily corrected problems.

It’s time for the federal government to set the standards in federal elections, have standard early voting days, set out what IDs are required, what hours the polls will be open, how the machines will be distributed based on population centers. Let the states retain control for primaries and any little state runoffs but for elections that affect the entire country we must have federal controls, out of state poll workers in every state and machines that leave a paper trail.

We are one of the more technologically advanced countries on earth; our elections should run smoothly and swiftly, but until this becomes standardized nationally we will continue to look like a third world country.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.