Letters to the Editor

Nation at risk until true Americans regain control

I am afraid that the recent presidential elections have completely redirected my concept of determining the true definition of the word democracy.

While it is democratic to be permitted to enjoy the fruits of what we consider a democratic government (not to be confused with the Democratic Party) I refrain from considering what our government leaders define as a democratic government.

For most of my 70 years of life I have been taught the perceptual meaning of democracy and its foundation as determined by our forefathers during the birth of our great nation. The Preamble, the Bill of Rights, our Constitution along with our national laws were all established to protect this nation from tyranny, oppression and any foreign or internal aggression. When watching these campaigns for the presidency, both houses of Congress and the appointments of our chief justices as well as local government, the very fabric of what our forefathers had intended has been altered.

The definition and modern application of these great documents has been changed to reflect a negative balance within those documents that no longer protects the people of this country and renders this country subject to those destructive factions they were established to prevent. As a result of these changes, the stability and well-being of this country is at stake with complete failure of a unified base required to keep it all together.

Even in our early days of internal strife with labor unions, financial instability and two major wars, this country prevailed and grew stronger as a result of that unification, that teamwork. Today we have instant access to information through the innovations of computers, the media and satellites yet we continue to plummet into the depths of failure. What we see when our leaders campaign for the privilege, and it is a privilege, to govern this country, clearly shows they are campaigning for the wrong reasons and using the wrong methods.

During the campaign days they spend enormous amounts of money to destroy their opponents not unlike third world countries. They just use those new technologies, such as TV, newspapers and computers in lieu of bullets. What this basic campaign method has done over the years is create a more negative government each election year. This country has gone through 12 of the worst years ever recorded, especially the last four, with an absolutely do-nothing Congress and a basically uncaring, ineffective White House. This last administration was rife with internal law violations, circumvented the Congress on extremely important issues and has furthered the massive debt of this country.

The administration has operated this country largely on borrowed money from China as well as other countries that cannot be paid back. They have taken that borrowed money and the tax money of the citizens and squandered it on unjustified projects doomed to fail such as the bailouts of financial institutions, the auto industry, Obamacare and some energy projects to name a few. Unemployment is high, foreclosures are still occurring, banks are still failing, foreign countries are permitted to buy up huge amounts of United States soil as well as businesses yet the populace of this country put this same inefficient government back in place for another four years.

If the forefathers could have determined how powerful the word greed was and its ramifications relative to governmental leadership in this country, they may have well just left this country in the hands of the Indians. At least they knew how to treat and protect this land. Will this country ever return to its grass roots? In a word, yes, but unfortunately after a catastrophic event that will put the country back to a time when you could just hear the wind blowing, birds chirping and the long lost laughter of man.

Remember the Indian with the tear in his eye when the white man prevailed and took his land? Well we are about to release that same tear unless this country is returned to its rightful owners: true Americans.

The writer lives in Conway.