Letters to the Editor

Be considerate of pets with special needs

My wife and I are the proud parents of a 3-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix named Fabio. We joined a bridge club about two years ago. We host the club on the last Friday of every month.

After a while, we noticed that Fabio didn’t feel well the week after we hosted the club. He would have a swollen throat, an unproductive cough and a moth-eaten appearance with patchy hair loss. He also had an odor like a mixture of wet, musty laundry and corn chips.

Our veterinarian recommended a pet allergist, who performed a series of tests and determined that Fabio is allergic to certain cosmetics and fragrances. Since the condition only manifests after the bridge club has been to our home, the vet felt that my wife’s cosmetics and perfumes were not the cause. He recommended that we ask one wife in our group to refrain from cosmetics and essences each month for the next three months in an attempt to identify the offending product.

We were saddened by the reaction we got from our bridge friends. They retorted that my wife should not wear makeup or perfume either.

In an age where peanut products can be banned from school lunch rooms because of the allergic reaction of one child, I can’t understand the insensitivity to Fabio’s suffering.

Animals have feelings too.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.