Letters to the Editor

Send the Fighting Mole Crickets to San Diego

I just read about the HGTC Fighting Mole Crickets and their qualifying for a national turf management competition in San Diego. I also read they may not get to go because of a lack of funds (what a shame). It was stated in the article that $2,500 to $3,000 would be needed to send the Mole Crickets to San Diego.

Come on, HGTC and area golf courses. Surely two of you can come up with $2,500-$3,000 or more if needed to send this outstanding group of students to San Diego to represent their school and Horry County golf in a national championship. After all, HGTC should be proud that it trained them and golf courses are looking at the cream of the crop for future employees.

If you guys can't handle it maybe the Chamber of Commerce could kick in. If we can build sandcastles in Charlotte, surely we can send the Mole Crickets to San Diego for a little national exposure.

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.