Letters to the Editor

Golf made more accessible today

Re Nov. 17 letter by Thomas Brennan, “Don’t have inherent talent for golf? Quit”

Tom, your letters over the years have been well done and easy to understand and agree with. But unless you were kidding with this letter you have missed the mark.

At one time in the history of our great game it was considerably more difficult than the game we enjoy today (hickory shafts, gutta-percha balls, and sparse turf). But today's game allows us to play on great golf courses with game improvement equipment and golf balls matched to the player’s skill and club head speed.

But more importantly modern golf instruction, thanks to high speed photography, has allowed PGA teachers to hone their skills and more effectively coach their students to play better and enjoy the game more. All players still have an occasional bad day but my experience is that they bounce right back, perhaps take a lesson or work harder on their next trip to the practice tee.

But they come back, for the competition, the camaraderie or a day in the sun. And here comes the commercial plug.

Tom, you live in a town many refer to as “the golf capital of the world” where a lot of our community leaders are trying to grow the game to overcome the recession driven loss of golf rounds. So check out PGAlinks.com and see all the ways that the game is being made more accessible and fun to play (Golf 2.0 and Get Golf Ready). We all want to grow the game but your article casts a pall on the game that is unwarranted.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.