Letters to the Editor

Cooperation at Crescent Beach precinct great during election

I would like to thank the staff over at the Crescent Beach, North Myrtle Beach, recreation facility for their excellent cooperation with the Horry County Elections officials who worked our general election polls on Nov. 6.

Gregg Barnhill and his staff prepared the signs, put them in place, and gave me the opportunity to work the afternoon before setting my machines, tables and necessary equipment in place. The cooperation of these fine people make a big difference in my day’s work, and just indicates the fine caliber of people employed by North Myrtle Beach!

It was a long, hard day for those of us who worked the Crescent Beach precinct, but having this kind of splendid cooperation made it so much more pleasant. We voted 913 people, and I believe that is almost a record for the 20-plus years that I have worked at this site.

The writer was clerk at Crescent Beach precinct