Letters to the Editor

A prayer for today’s holiday

Our heavenly Father, we bow our heads in prayer today to express our thanks for all the wonderful gifts you have sent our way, especially the gift of prayer.

Through prayer our spirits are lifted and through prayer we get answers to life’s problems that we face each day, and through faith in our Lord we know if we ask for his help he will show us the way.

Bless all those who are here with us today to celebrate this Thanksgiving dinner, and bless the other members of our families who are not present here with us, but are celebrating elsewhere.

Lord, bless all the people of our country who are suffering because of the violent storms that occurred this year; many lost members of their families and thousands lost their homes. Bless all who call upon you and send your healing power to strengthen them. Bless all those who are serving our country to keep it safe. Bless all the leaders of our country and guide them to make the right decisions, and bless the United States of America and all her people.

Thank you, Father, and through your son Jesus Christ our Lord we pray, Amen

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.