Letters to the Editor

Westies a great breed if raised right

I just moved here two weeks ago. On Nov. 4, I got The Sun News, and with great displeasure I read the column by Peter McKay, “Doomed to have a Westie.”

I raised, showed and bred Westies for over 20 years. I had champions in the UK, USA, Ireland and England. I also had Westies that were just pets. McKay has done a great disservice to a fabulous breed. First of all I have never had a Westie that smelled like “creeping skin fungus.” The dog smelled like that because he had skin problems (all white dogs are prone to that) that were not or improperly treated.

Westies are easy to house train if they are trained properly. My dogs have all been completely clean by four months. They are a beautiful, fun-loving, devoted animal. As my trainer who I worked with for years in obedience would say to his classes on their first night. “the stupidity comes from the person holding the leash, not from the animal on the ground.”

McKay should never have a pet. He is not suited to have a pet, and he is not a good owner.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.