Letters to the Editor

Gay people are just like you and I

I was saddened and shocked to see the Nov. 5 letter “Admit real reason for gay marriage” written by Pete Quade printed in your newspaper. Although we have freedom of speech in our country I think a newspaper has the responsibility to carefully evaluate the letters they print. The opinion expressed in this letter was hateful, hurtful and inflammatory. I am alarmed that your newspaper would condone such a harmful attitude through its printing.

This letter singled out a certain segment of our society against which to express very negative feelings. If you feel comfortable printing such a letter would you also condone the printing of an anti-Semitic article?

Gay people are no better or worse than any other group in our society. They have the same dreams and hopes as well as the same challenges and fears. They work hard at developing a lifelong relationship with another person. They too struggle and work hard to build a strong and stable home. They contribute to society in many ways from stocking supermarket shelves, to teaching our children to performing life giving cardiac surgery. They are important and loving family members – brothers, sisters, daughters, sons and moms and dads. They are reliable and supportive friends as well as caring and giving community members. They work hard, go to church and pay their taxes!

They are no different than you and I. Do I or you have the right to decide if they “deserve” the same rights, protection and privileges of our laws? Are we more superior or wiser because of who we choose to build our lives with? Definitely not!

The same gender marriage issue has no more to do with sex as does the marriage between different genders. The gay people of this country ask for no more or no less than anyone else in our society. They only ask to be treated honestly and fairly and on the same basis as any other citizen of the United States. They are productive members of society and pay the same taxes that support our nation. They only wish to be equally treated and left to live their lives as best as possible. They have the right to expect to be treated fairly and equally under our laws and tax codes. They have the right to commit to the person they love through marriage and to build a loving and stable marriage as does anyone else.

If I decide who and who not the laws and privileges of our country apply to then I should be prepared for the day when someone decides that I am inferior and the laws and privileges no longer apply to me. Are you prepared for this possibility? I think not.

The writer lives in Sunset Beach, N.C.