Letters to the Editor

Solution for fiscal cliff: Turn back to God

Re Nov. 9 article, “Put up or shut up time for Congress: Race against clock for fiscal cliff dilemma”

Several points to ponder:

1. Aren’t we already over the cliff? The need to shortly “borrow” another trillion dollars by raising the debt limit to $17 trillion (yes, trillions not billions) is proof of that fact.

2. There are now two fiscal societies in our country. One, a heavily populated urban group representing approximately 10 percent of our geography. The other, a less populated rural America. Urban America sends a message of “tax and spend.” Rural America sends a message of “cut spending and reduce taxes.”

3. No mandate can be claimed by either group so how is an elected official going to vote in order to get re-elected? Most likely the vote will be what has been committed to his or her constituency and very probably what he or she holds as a personal belief. Thus we have built in gridlock on fiscal, ethical and moral issues.

Who wants their taxes raised? Who wants their federal program of support cut? Very few, if any! Thus, can we reasonably expect a change in Washington significant enough to balance the budget and bring down the debt? Very doubtful. What options are available? One might be term limits. An easier one is for our nation to turn back to God and ask his help and direction. Long lasting solutions won’t come without him. The need for prayer has never been greater!

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.