Letters to the Editor

Obama re-elected despite biased press

It is difficult for me to actually believe the final outcome of the just run presidential election.

It is so difficult to believe because President Obama had so much working against him that it took a noble purpose for each and every American person to vote for him in the massive numbers in which they did.

It seemed as though most all of the American press – the newspapers, the radio, and the television – were positively focusing on what Romney said he was going to do, and on the supposedly little that Obama had accomplished and/or done in the four previous years he worked as president.

Little was said about Obama’s killing of this nation’s No. 1 enemy, Osama bin Laden, and little was said about Obama’s saving the American economy from its near financial collapse. Little was said about the stock market nearly doubling itself since Bush left office.

In fact, not much was said about Obama wanting to increase the taxes the very rich will pay, being in favor of “pro-choice” legislation, not in favor of reducing requirements for offshore drilling, supporting same-sex marriage, and many other concepts. While the thoughts and concepts of Mitt Romney opposed all of those issues just mentioned, these positions got little play in the press.

I don’t believe that most of the press – especially Fox – ever focused upon what the very real issue was against Barack Obama. Supposedly he wasn’t born in the United States. Supposedly he isn’t a United States citizen. Supposedly he is a socialist.

No one opposing Barack Obama, however, told the truth about why they opposed him: He is a black man.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.