Letters to the Editor

Pray silently in school; problem solved

Now that the election is over we can begin to look at some other areas to improve our lives here in South Carolina. One quick idea I have that will save wasted money being spent in education is to settle the school prayer issue.

Those people that do not know how to pray silently should go to their priest, minister, pastor, rabbi or imam and ask to learn how to pray silently. It is easy to learn. My father, who was an Episcopal minister, taught me when I was young. Then a school board meeting can begin with a moment of silence. Everyone there can choose to pray or think of other things silently.

The meeting can then continue and the lawyers’ fees could be saved. If this practice were followed there would be no suits filed against the board. It’s a simple procedure that will free up more money for the students and allow us to pray silently at the start of the meetings. This can also be done at other school activities and public meetings.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.