Letters to the Editor

Special moments keep us going

Working with so many men and women that need help, it could easily become a challenge to keep a positive outlook. However, we are able to see special “tidbits” of people’s lives that warm our hearts to those around us.

Recently, we had a lady join the women’s program. She had her son taken from her 20 years ago and she had no contact with him. Last week, we took in a 20-year-old man that is her son. She had not seen him and it was a special time for the two of them to be reunited. Most of us cannot imagine the emotions involved in that reunion.

Please remember this mother and son as they re-discover each other and adjust to the lost years. It will be a tremendous challenge for this mother to want to smother her newfound child while realizing that he is an adult now. They have both missed so many precious years.

Since their reunion, they have moved back to where they have family in another South Carolina town.

The writer is director of the North Strand Housing Shelter