Letters to the Editor

Leaving country could be best option after election

Michal H Hall’s letter (Nov. 10, “Don’t skip the country because Obama won”) is proof of the John Heywood (1546) observation (and a paraphrase of a biblical verse of Jeremiah 5:21) “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Mr. Hall is apparently oblivious to what seems obvious to at least two of his friends – that an electorate which would retain such a transparently incompetent ideologue is one so satiated on “entitlements” that it is blind to the economic catastrophe looming in near future. Thus his friends’ best (and perhaps only) choice is to flee to saner climes.

The exponential expansion of bureaucratic government and regulation under this president has only two ultimate outcomes: either eventual bankruptcy a la Stockton, Calif., or repudiation of the national debt through currency inflation (already going on) or outright devaluation of the dollar. No country can continue spending 45 percent ($1.327 trillion) more than its income without an eventual day of reckoning.

Blindness to this reality is what Mr. Hall’s two friends see in the electorate’s choice. Their possible leaving was the choice of emigres in the past from Great Britain, France, Germany and most recently Cuba.

The writer lives in Conway.