Letters to the Editor

Scale of Benghazi coverup staggering

I find it hard to believe that the obvious coverup of the Benghazi tragedy has been ignored by our government. This makes Watergate look like a walk in the park. Our president had to know exactly what was going on immediately and his crew of Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta who totally mishandled this mess, also had to know what was happening. If a general of our armed services was responsible for this tragedy, he would have been relieved of command immediately for incompetence.

If you are Hillary Clinton, you just say, “It’s my fault” and proceed with business as usual. If you are Mr. Panetta, you hold a press conference and tell the media what you did after everyone was murdered. If you are the president, you just say it’s a bump in the road.

Doesn’t anyone have the courage to challenge these fakers? If no one is punished for this tragedy then I suggest that we no longer live in the land of the free and home of the brave. It will have become the land of the charlatan and home of the liar.

The writer lives in Conway.