Letters to the Editor

With Obama Claus re-elected, the minions are saved

With the re-election of President Obama, the needy justifiably retained their federal aid, but unfortunately so did the individuals or leeches who abuse the system to get their big government handout. These parasites, as well as the labor unions and all the other special interest groups that Obama said he would not be obligated to, but yet takes care of, paid for their “entitlements” by voting to keep Barack Hussein Obama, aka Santa Claus, in office.

With this re-installment of “Santa Claus” as president, we all should be prepared to give up more of our hard-earned money as Santa opens the government’s checkbook to spew presents to his growing list of minions. Many of us thought that Santa Claus was just a myth, but over the last fours years, I found out that there really is a Santa Claus. Ergo his re-election!

It was obvious that many didn’t want to vote Santa out of a job, especially the Santa who provides them with so many presents. The fact is, if Santa goes away, these individuals will have to fend for themselves or be their own Santa Claus like the rest of us.

As the taker number grows, the most important question becomes “What would be the incentive for the few givers to work to support the many takers?” Lost productivity means lost revenue, and lost revenue means many more on the dole! This will continue to exacerbate the weak financial position of our country and the sad part is that Santa doesn’t have a real plan. Unfortunate but true.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.