Letters to the Editor

Post office is wasting money

Surely there are Americans besides myself who are concerned about the frequent increases in the cost of stamps, and the fact the U.S. Postal Service is operating in the red. Until a few months ago I was ordering stamps via the USPS postage-free order form. I think that must be why about five months ago the USPS started mailing me a “USA Philatelic the official source for stamp enthusiasts,” a catalog that is colorful and glossy and must not be cheap to produce and distribute.

There is no way for me to opt out of it anywhere in the catalog. People living in Woodbridge, Va., where I have friends have their mail delivered and picked up from mailboxes on their front porches. This is an inefficient and time-consuming method of delivery and pickup compared to the rural mailboxes that everybody in my area (Socastee) has to use. The mailman or woman could deliver/pickup mail much faster in Woodbridge using the rural mailbox system, then go do something else.

It seems there isn’t an efficiency expert working with the USPS to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.