Letters to the Editor

Tax increase is not just a penny

Once again, I see an article on the sales tax increase in Georgetown described as a “penny tax increase.” It not a penny, it’s a percentage increase. An increase from 6 percent to 7 percent is a 16 percent tax increase! And it hits hardest those least able to afford it. The lower income folks tend to spend most, if not all, of their take-home pay every week. Every dime they spend is taxed at a higher rate. When you describe this as a “penny increase,” you make it sound like there really isn’t much impact, which is very misleading, to say the least. Please stop writing misleading statements that describe these highly regressive, huge percentage increases in taxes as “just a penny.”

Plus, these local tax increases force people to pay for them who don’t get to vote on them. I live in Little River, but most of the shopping is in Myrtle Beach. I, and the rest of us who live in the surrounding communities, are getting blasted by the Myrtle Beach sales tax. We are the ones who pay it, not the tourists, since no one shops for clothes or other items when on vacation. And, we don’t get any real estate tax relief either.

From now on, please report these for what they are; not a penny, but a high percentage tax increase that is designed to be paid primarily by the lower income groups to the benefit of the richest business owners in the area.

The writer lives in Little River.