Letters to the Editor

Keep horse droppings off the beach

My wife and I for the past 18 years go to the Myrtle Beach State Park to enjoy the beach. On a recent Sunday upon arrival at the beach we noticed a foul smell and noticed piles of horse manure over several areas.

I realize that there was a fundraising horse ride on the beach the day prior and it was for a good cause. I wonder why horses using the beach aren't required to wear manure catchers or horse diapers, or why the riders aren't required to clean up after the horses. In most areas of Horry County people are required to clean up after their dogs. The same principle should apply to horses on the beach or any public area.

I pay a fee to use the state park and feel that I shouldn't be subject to raw manure and the flies attracted to it. Raw manure contains fecal coliform bacteria. I don't think that it is good for the manure washing into our ocean is beneficial to the fish or shell species. Lets everyone try to keep our beaches clean and beautiful.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.