Letters to the Editor

Wives of veterans also deserve honors

Why aren’t the wives of veterans also given honors (draping of the flag) upon their deaths? I know at least three such ladies in South Carolina.

One veteran predeceased his wife by six weeks, was cremated but was not interred until both passed. I had the honor to attend their interment in North Carolina near Boone. he served with General Patton. In all my life I have never had such a privilege or sorrow. The life partners raised a family after the war.

I am in contact with the government for amended legislation to honor the spouse like the veteran for her service.

Another wife of 64 years is a nursing home patient whose husband passed earlier this year. The two were life partners, and her desire is to hold his remains until she passes and they are both buried together. What an honor it should be, a D-Day World War II soldier and his life’s partner, recognized with full military honors.

Another, the spouse of a WWII bomber pilot captain, Purple Heart recipient and former POW, has been his life’s partner for 55 years. Let’s find a way to make an exception for the rule to honor these ladies and all others or similar circumstances.

The writer lives in Conway.