Letters to the Editor

State lacking in response to hacking

Re S.C. data breach

Never believing the online system of passing on data was secure I've never used this method, not to help the many Lex Luthers in this world. Now our financial information we can be hacked without us touching a keyboard. Thank you, South Carolina.

Let me call the 800 number given by the state to try and acquire some sense of this problem. This number is not for any answers but a come-on for a financial watch for fraud. An online address is given to file, but you must give your personal information, which is the subject of the hacking; very cozy. I don't think so.

If you stay on the line, someone will be with you, I believe somebody from either India or Pakistan. Having trouble understanding the operator, I asked where am I speaking to. This information cannot be given, was the reply. Overseas, I said. Yes, was the answer.

A blanket credit watch should be issued without applying. The state has all our information from filing taxes. Maybe the state can use a company with U.S. personnel rather than supporting more foreigners.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.