Letters to the Editor

Don’t skip the country because Obama won

Now that Obama has won, I’m well aware that many of my friends are quite upset. Two even said (in jest I hope) that they were going leave the country if he won. I want to say to them that leaving the country, or even being so upset, is not really all that necessary. Why?

First of all, Obama is not a Muslim, but if he were, what difference would it make. Only radical, fundamentalist people of all religions are the ones who are dangerous. All the Muslims I know (they live as patriotic, contributing citizens all around us) are in no way dangerous.

Obama was born in Hawaii and is a full-fledged citizen of the U.S., totally capable of running for president. He is one of us.

Obama is also a very bright person having made his way to Harvard Law school and the presidency of this country. However he is still a very personable individual who enjoys good jokes, basketball, football, golf and his very nice family.

Obama, after running one of the most effective campaigns of all time four years ago, went into office with everything against him. The economy had collapsed in the face of two ill-advised wars and irresponsible actions by the banks and Wall Street. Also the Bush administration had started the biggest bailout of all time. The country was in a free fall.

Obama has not been able in four years to fix all of that, but no one can deny the fact that he has tried. The overall economy has improved. Let’s hope that it will continue to improve as he now continues his work on it.

Obama understands that the future of our children is threatened by our unchecked pollution of the fresh water supplies, the oceans, the land, and especially the air. The heating of the Earth due to the buildup of carbon monoxide that is melting the ice caps and causing weird weather patterns, Obama also recognizes. Though doing something about these things will not be easy, I think Obama will be sensitive to the needs of the environment as well as the economy in his next four years in office.

Everyone, including the insurance companies, the AMA, and the hospitals, knows that our health care system is broken. Whether the recent reform passed by Congress can really make much of a difference in the runaway costs of health care is yet to be determined, but if you read it (and most people haven’t) you will see that at least it’s a beginning.

Obama has been doing all he can to wind down these draining wars while assuring the security of the nation. He will also continue to keep us out of more wars that we certainly can’t afford in human life or resources. He will work with others around the world to deal forcefully with both Syria and Iran and carefully support the democratic uprisings in the Middle East. He will continue to be a respected and sought-out as a leader among the nations.

I could go on with this, but the point is that no one needs to leave the country. We don’t need to conclude that this nation we love is doomed. There is real hope that, in spite of the many troubles in the Eurozone, the economy will recover, our lives will improve, and all will be well. To all my downcast friends, I say hang in there. We’ve still got a ways to go.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.