Letters to the Editor

Precincts lacked control, procedures to avoid voter fraud

I just returned from voting in my district and am extremely concerned about the possibility of voter fraud.

After I signed in, I took my place in a long line. There was absolutely no control as to who was in the line, if they indeed signed in, or if they had already voted and got back in the line. A woman from New Jersey was in line to assist her elderly father; no one questioned her, and she could have (but didn't) been “next” to cast her vote. A neighbor who had already voted (she had the sticker on her coat) was chatting with neighbors in line; she could have (but didn't) removed the sticker and voted again.

When I questioned this procedure to two different volunteers, they seemed shocked that yes indeed, this could happen! I stated to the volunteers that in previous voting I was given a little ticket with a number on it to hand in when I reached the voting booth; they stated they only do that in the primaries.

No matter who wins, there will always be doubt in my mind that this election was run fairly and honestly. It shocks me that this great country can't get its act together for a major election as its registered citizens cast one vote for the man who will be our president for the next four years.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.