Letters to the Editor

Thanks for courage to pick Obama

My sincere congratulations and thanks for The Sun News’ editorial of Nov. 4, endorsing President Obama for another four years as president of the United States.

I was impressed by your even-handed review of both Mr. Romney and President Obama’s qualifications and their attitudes about representing all the citizens of our great country, which led you to suggest that the president be retained in office. I was a bit surprised, however, by your courage in taking the position you did, and greatly admire your bravery in recommending Obama for high office. After all, it often seems that in our great state of South Carolina, Donald Duck could be elected if he ran for office as a Republican.

It is reassuring to not only me, but untold others, that at least in some quarters the esteemed Forth Estate is alive and well in not selling out to the highest bidder. One would fervently hope that when the dust has settled around this election, Congress will come together willing to give and take on the issues needed to move our country forward.

Again, thank you for your courage.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.