Letters to the Editor

Golson owes success to more than schools

Re Nov. 6 letter by Harry Pavilack, “Rooting for Everett Golson”

While I do agree with the majority of Mr. Pavilack’s views on Golson and Notre Dame, I found trouble ignoring the statement made in Mr. Pavilack’s last paragraph. I respect Mr. Pavilack whole-heartedly, but there are other people who deserve to be thanked.

Firstly, God is to be given the glory in Golson’s success. Secondly, his parents are to be commended. They have supported him at his games, and they raised him with values and an ethic to strive for greatness. Finally, Golson can thank himself. Although coaches and teachers have supported him, Golson was the driving force behind his talent. He worked hard to achieve his goals.

This is not meant as an attack on anyone, but credit for Golson’s success should be given to more people, not just his school system.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.