Letters to the Editor

Volunteers made Honor Flight a great day

I went on the Oct. 24 Honor Flight to see the WWII Memorial, along with some 76 other veterans. We veterans were treated wonderfully. There was a guardian for every two veterans. My friend, Ron Horton and I lucked out! A young financial adviser, H. James Johnson Jr., was assigned to take care of us. And did he do so; my goodness!

Jim fastened us in our seats, opened water bottles, food packages and saw to it that we did not fall or injure ourselves. Jim alternately pushed Ron or me in a wheelchair. He even pushed me in a chair up a really difficult quarter mile slope in Arlington Cemetery to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where we watched a changing of the guard ceremony.

Jim even consoled me when I was in tears during marvelous send-off and reception ceremonies.

My thanks to all the guardians, US Airways personnel and volunteers who made Oct. 24 a memorable day for all of our group, members of the so-called Greatest Generation.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.