Letters to the Editor

Election’s over; now let’s work together

The election is over. Apparently the vitriol we’ve become so used to during this campaign is not. I’m writing to urge people to realize that politics is all about the art of compromise for the good of the country.

Compromise is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of maturity. Can we now begin learning to put away the finger-pointing, name-calling, shouting at and shouting down of those with differing views? People from both parties have ideas about how to make things better. Can we now begin to look for areas of common agreement and work from there?

America has re-elected its president as he tries to guide us through the challenges we face as a nation. Can we now begin to show him some respect for what he has tried to accomplish this past four years and what he wants to accomplish the next four?

The writer lives in Fair Bluff, N.C.