Letters to the Editor

Honor Flight touched veterans’ spirits

The Honor Flight Oct. 24 may not be thought of as a holy event but I can recall no occasion that touched my spirit so thoroughly. I am certain that the other 77 participants would agree. We could all echo the phrase, “Thanks! I needed that.”

Thanks to the organizers, the individuals and corporations who volunteered time and money to an endeavor that was executed to perfection. Recognition to those special people who served as guardians and made our pilgrimage to the monuments without undue effort and safe. Also thanks to the airline and terminal personnel, here and in D.C., who gave more than average care and attention.

Rep. Scott, Sens. Graham and DeMint gave thoughtful expression of their thanks.

Nothing could be more beautiful and emotion grabbing than the hundreds of nice people who gave a welcome home. Thanks to the biker honor guard, the church and veterans groups and the hundreds of people who made this a special event. There were the high school students and the grade school children, the men and women who came from a workday to welcome us.

Also the mothers who brought their babies to welcome the grandpa-aged veterans and there were the kisses from pretty ladies.

It was a memorable event for all the WWII veterans that enveloped the welcoming group. I know I speak for all Honor Flight veterans when I thank our creator for choosing us to receive this outpouring of gratitude.

However, we have an added blessing in being allowed to live out our lives in the company of such a wonderful generous kind and loving community.

The writer lives in Conway.