Letters to the Editor

NFL solidly capitalist, not socialist

Re Oct. 19 letter by Randolph Richards, “Socialism in the NFL”

The NFL is a group of multimillionaire owners who share NFL revenue income with millionaire players. Hardly a group of “socialists” I would guess. But where does the revenue come from that the NFL “redistributes”? One source is from the taxpayers in the cities and counties in which the NFL stadiums are located. These citizens are forced to pay taxes on 30-year bonds that built the stadiums and facilities for the NFL team .This is a direct tax and is being redistributed within the NFL by owners and players because it is one less cost the owners had to pay for themselves. Most of those local taxpayers can’t afford to go to the stadium for one game let alone buy a season ticket. There are also secondary sources of income for the NFL such as merchandise sales.

Then there are indirect taxes and fees that go to the NFL for redistribution among owners and players. This money is paid by people who have cable TV. If the NFL is on the cable tier package of the programs you watch, you still pay for the NFL even if you do not watch the NFL. You may cancel the NFL anytime you wish if you do not like your money being redistributed via the cable company to the NFL. That is capitalism.

The NFL must create parity among teams to keep the league interesting and revenue flowing. A first round draft choice does not always stay with the last place team that selected him. But when redistribution of revenue does take place among players, not all players are paid the same amount of money. Some players earn more than other players. This is capitalism, not socialism. It is simply a sport entertainment business, nothing else.

The writer lives in Conway.