Letters to the Editor

Why not more news coverage of the Socastee Braves?

As an alumni of Socastee High School and a lifetime resident of Socastee, I would like to tell The Sun News how disappointed I am in the fact that you can’t find it in you to give the Braves just a little bit of extra coverage.

This football team is the first in the history of the school to have a 10-0 season, the first in the history of the school to win a regional championship, what an extraordinary accomplishment for this coaching staff and the team. While we are living a dream here you, The Sun News, don’t seem to want to share it with anyone. A little blurb on Oct. 27 to say that they beat St. James.

Really? An undefeated season doesn’t even warrant a picture? Yet other teams in the area that haven’t had near the season Socastee High has had pictures and a headline. Come on, Sun News, give credit where credit is due. It’s great to be a Brave, yesterday, today and always.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.