Letters to the Editor

Stewart Parker showhouse a success

The Stewart Parker Designer Showhouse ended its successful two week run on Oct. 27. So many people worked so hard to make this magical event take place. There are too many names to mention individually but I would like to mention a few groups. Thank you to the sponsors and advertisers who believed in us. Thank you to the designers, whose vision transformed the rooms of the Stewart Parker house into a fantasyland.

Thank you to the best committee ever, a group dedicated to all the planning, work and late nights that it took to bring this idea to fruition. A special thank you to the Stewart Parker docents who greeted every visitor with a welcoming smile and information about the history of the house, the room designers and the room plans. I can never thank you enough.

We are planning to do this again next year. Watch for news.

The writer, chairwoman of the Stewart Parker Designer Showhouse, lives in Georgetown.