Letters to the Editor

Mugshots paper a public service

Re the recent articles surrounding the website mugshots.com

We, the owners of Carolina Mugshots, have a weekly tabloid newspaper which contains similar arrest information but in no way are we connected to or associated with the web site mugshots.com. There is no fee to remove a mugshot photo from our newspaper. Upon a timely request by the arrestees we have removed their photos from the newspaper before it went to print. However, we will not remove the photo for a habitual criminal or one associated with a violent crime if an arrest was made. We print a retraction when a mistake is made by our company or the law facility providing the arrest information.

We started Carolina Mugshots with the intent to inform the public about locals they may or may not know have been arrested for a crime. In no way does the Carolina Mugshots newspaper or staff presume guilt or innocence for anyone arrested. We do not print photos to embarrass anyone. Hopefully, their embarrassment occurred at the time of the arrest and not when their photo appeared in our paper. The match game on the front page is strictly for entertainment. We do not use local people or local arrests for the match game. In addition to recent arrests we include crime stories and news, celebrity crime stories and photos, funny mugshots, holiday mugshots, missing children and the phone numbers to the local police departments.

Crime is on the rise around the globe. There are more local arrest photos each week than there is room in our paper to print them. During our first week in business a rapist’s photo was identified by a convenience store manager as a regular customer at that store. He was apprehended a few days later.

We have been thanked by the parents of missing children for remembering their child and displaying the child’s photo after the case had gone cold. Most parents are very concerned when they discover a sex offender lives in their area. It alerts them to keep a more watchful eye on their children and their neighborhood. We’ve even printed wanted photos for the police.

Unfortunately, most people arrested will post bail and be back on the streets in a matter of days. I believe everyone has heard stories in the news where an individual had just been released from jail or prison and committed another robbery, rape or murder. If our publication helps stop just one violent crime from happening then it is worth it. We think it is imperative to inform the public who these alleged criminals are and where they are located.

We have also printed photos for bail bondsmen when the arrestee has disappeared and broken the agreement of their bail. We have been thanked by business owners, police officers, parents, landlords and people from all walks of life for providing the necessary criminal arrest information in their community. We, the owners of Carolina Mugshots, are proud of our paper and hope it brings insight and entertainment to our readers. We continue to look for ways to improve our service, inform the public and earn your support.

The writer is owner and publisher of Carolina Mugshots.