Letters to the Editor

Admit real reason for gay marriage

I believe that the primary reason that the gay community is advocating for the right to marry is that gay Christians want to have sex with each other.

Both civil unions and marriage are enforceable contracts with stipulated privileges, rights, and responsibilities. Property rights, health care benefits, etc. can be decided by the courts. Sex before holy matrimony, however, is a grievous sin.

Those of us in the straight community who lived together before entering into the state of holy matrimony recall the terrible frustration we felt when “sparking” occurred. We took constructive action. We threw on our Spandex shorts and tank tops and went in-line skating ,shopped for porcelain figurines or watched a Cher film.

Since holy matrimony isn’t available to gay couples, their dilemma is: how to display affection without committing a sin. Perhaps a course in abstinence, similar to those that have been so successful in keeping our high school children celibate should be required of gays before entering into a civil union.

A clergyman who teaches abstinence to young Christians recommended some permissible ways of expressing physical affection between unmarried people, such as back rubs (above the waist), foot massages, and mutual grooming. Such expressions of fondness between unmarried persons do not reach the level of sin and can be practiced by singles of the same sex.

I ask the gay community to throw off the mantle of hypocrisy and admit that their call for gay marriage is not about health care and pensions. It’s about their desire to have sex with each other without committing a sin.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.